课程名称: 综合英语IV-学术英语听力与写作 General English IV- Academic Listening & Writing

                    综合英语IV-高阶英语写作   General English IV-Advanced Writing




General English IV- Academic Listening & Writing

This course trains key academic listening, writing and thinking skills. Students will listen to a range of authentic academic lectures and talks on topics ranging from how playing video games influences the brain to whether design or practicality are more important when designing buildings. Students will take notes, check their understanding, and then engage in activities designed to analyse, evaluate and apply the ideas they learn. At the same time, they will learn how to structure academic papers using correct academic English, and study the work of other researchers in order to develop their own experiments. By the end of the course, they will be able to critically evaluate a range of academic materials and produce their own academic paper.

General English IV-Advanced Writing

This advanced level course will develop students writing skills beyond the writing needed for academic university study. They will learn how to write effective marketing copy in English across a range of forms, including advertising, online marketing, direct email marketing and written materials for presentations. At the same time, they will practice producing creative writing from thinking of ideas, through writing in a range of forms including poetry and scriptwriting, to working together to make their writing as effective as possible. By the end of the course students will be able to produce high level, creative written materials to meet a wide range of real-world needs.


 Ian Lonergan

Ian Pic

Ian Lonergan is the Director of Studies for the English Language Department with EF Academic Partnerships at ShanghaiTech University.

Graduate from University of Limerick with a First Class Honours (1.1) degree obtained in B.A History and Politics, Ian has spent years in teaching English to non-native speakers with various levels. He excelled at teaching English grammar and vocabulary for relevant activities, ensuring appropriate behaviour of students and assessing efforts and participation of students.  After 4 years of joining in EF , he started working extensively as the Director of Studies in 2 well-known university in Shanghai, which equipped him with the professional insight of leading a dynamic academic team at ShanghaiTech University.


Ian Lonergan是上海科技大学英孚教育学术合作英语语言部门的教务长,以一等学位的成绩毕业于University of Limerick,历史与政治专业。




Charlie Su



Charlie Su is from London, England. He graduated from Kings College London with a BA in French and Management. As part of his degree he also spent some time studying at Paris Sorbonne. His areas of interest include French cinema, literature and linguistics.

He is TEFL and CELTA qualified and particularly enjoys working with young adults. His teaching career began in Shenzhen, China; where he taught young learners.

He is very excited to have joined EF Academic Partnerships and is looking forward to working closely with ShanghaiTech University. He will be teaching English Oral classes and Academic writing classes at undergraduate and graduate level. He also hopes to develop and deliver lectures on French literature in the coming semesters.


Charlie Su来自英国伦敦,毕业于伦敦的国王大学,主修管理学位和法语语言,在学习期间他也在巴黎的索邦进修。他助攻法语喜剧,文学以及语言文化这三个方面。





Luke Akal

Luke Akalis a teacher at the English Language Department with EF Academic Partnerships at ShanghaiTech University.  He graduated from University of South Africa with a BA in Politics and Communication Science.

Luke had affluent experience as tutoring in Business Studies (Cambridge AS and IGCSE Level). His responsibilities include working with a pioneering team to help establish CL Education as the first online college in the world to be formally approved as a Cambridge associate school, revising and updating the CL Education course content in order to reflect the standard required in the syllabus of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) , reviewing student activities and essays as well as dealing with general subject-related queries and administration.


At ShanghaiTech, Luke has a focus on teaching listening and academic writing, with an academic background of Politics and Communication Science he is excited to start his new semester with ShanghaiTech.

Luke Akal 是上海科技大学英孚教育学术合作英语语言部门的一名老师, 毕业于南非大学,政治及传播科学专业。

他在教授Business Studies (Cambridge AS and IGCSE Level)方面有较为丰富的经验,他曾经帮助团队根据CIE Cambridge International Examinations)的教学大纲和要求建立、更新并发展相关教学内容,同时他还负责监测学生的学习状况并为他们答疑解惑。Luke在上海科技大学主要教授听力及学术写作课程,他很期待在上海科技大学开启新的学期。



 Lee Christine Charles

Lee Christine Charles is a teacher at the English Language Department with EF Academic Partnerships at ShanghaiTech University.  She achieved a BA in Linguistics with a double minor in Literatures of English and Communications Studies at University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus.

Before joining in EF she used to be Assistant Language Teacher with JET Programme in Japan. The main role of her was to assist Japanese English language teachers Assisting Japanese English language teachers at a local school while simultaneously exposing the students to Trinidadian culture and promoting cultural understanding and appreciation.  She was teaching the cultural similarities and difference between Japan and other countries to the local students. At present, she is delivering Oral English and practical writing in ShanghaiTech University.  

Lee Christine Charles是上海科技大学英孚教育学术合作英语语言部门的一名老师。她在University of the West Indies获得了语言学及英国文学与传播学双学位。




Lee Curry


Lee Curry is a teacher who has been working within the industry for three years. First working as a Teacher at the University of Valencia.

However, his real passion lies with teaching older learners where results are more visible and exams are the focus. He also believes English teaching can take more diverse forms at this level. At Shanghai Tech he will be focusing on Intermediate and General English courses. He also teaches Business English and Public Speaking. He attended Cardiff University where he graduated with a degree in Politics/International Relations and Spanish Language and Literature. He also has a TEFL and he can speak English, Spanish and Italian fluently and has some conversational knowledge of Swedish.

Lee Curry在英语教育行业工作三年,最早是在西班牙的巴伦西亚任教,同时还管理一家语言交流中心。




Louise Worsfold


Louise Worsfold is a teacher at the English Language Department with EF Academic Partnerships at ShanghaiTech University.

She has been working with adults in education and the occupational sector for many years. She has experience in tutoring and presenting to individuals as well as groups, including those with challenging behaviours and learning difficulties.She was the teaching and learning librarian for just under eight hundred students. She designed and developed a programme of information and digital literacy for students delivered through a series of presentations, lectures and workshops, backed up by pre-recorded video tutorials and written handouts.

Louise has a focus on teaching academic writing and oral English at ShanghaiTech. Having a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education, she also completed a TEFL traninning and acquired a qualification certificate.

Louise Worsfold是上海科技大学英孚教育学术合作英语语言部门的一名老师。






Keenan Sass


Keenan Sass has been delivering English classes to learners of different ages and proficiency levels for the past two years with EF in Shanghai and he enjoys teaching young adult learners. Keenan enjoys being able to communicate with his learners and teaching them about worldly topics and help open them to topics pertaining to Western Culture. In turn he loves having his students open up his world to all things China related especially Chinese culture and customs. He will be teaching Oral and Written English to the undergraduates of ShanghaiTech as well as teaching General English to the Graduates. Keenan graduated from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town South Africa, where he majored in Drama and Theatre studies with a specific focus on media. He obtained his certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language the year after graduation and aims to complete his CELTA and DipTESOL within the next three to five years.

Keenan Sass